Tuesday, July 31, 2007

San Diego ReCap: Part1

Had an amazing weekend at the San Diego Comic Con with the Top Shelf crew. Got to meet some of my idols, like Eddie Campbell and Bill Sienkewicz, and I got to spend some quality time with my fellow Top Shelfers. The Affable Andy Hartzel, Dazzling David Yurkovich, Jumpin' Jeremy Tinder, Arresting Andy Runton, Rollicking Rob Vendetti, 'Mazing Matt Kindt, Battlin' Brett Warnok...ok, you get the point.

David Yukovich handed me some of his great alternative superhero comics, Death By Chocolate and Less Than Heroes. He also gave me his AMAZING BILL MANTLO retrospective book! This is a great read and really opened my eyes to one of Comocdom's often overlooked writers. I highly recommend it to all fanboys. David also does a killer Stan Lee impersonation which made the hours fly by in a fit of laughter.


Jeffrey Brown's Incredible Changebots is a must read as well. It's a fantastic and hilarious book! Jeffrey and I will be signing at the Top Shelf booth at TCAF August 18-19 in Toronto by the by.

And, of course there was spectacle...lots of freaky spectacle for all...