Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I thought I'd post some pics of my workspace. I have been working in the basement of our house for the last year and a half, and while I do miss the natural light, I also enjoy the privacy I have down here. I also have to share the space with our washer and dryer (which make nice extra work tables sometimes) and my 3 cat's bathroom...but such is life.

One of my many bookshelves, this one contains my 9 bound volumes of Legion of Superheroes
(From Levitz's first issue through to the end of Abnett and Lanning's run) as well as all of my oversized "European" graphic novels, reference books and of course one of my favorite comics of all time Dave McKean's Cages.

Behind my drawing desk I have my oversized scanner, my short boxes of comics, and a shelf containing all of my favorite "indie" books, my Lester action figure and The DC Vault. I also have some advance galley copies of THE NOBODY kicking around, next to my Final Crisis posters of Hal Jordan and Barry Allen.

And here's the most important stuff, my actual drawing table. I hand built a little table easel to hold by drawing boards at the right angle. Beside that I have my little inking station. I generally use a steel point crow quill and a #1 Kolinskly Sable brush for all of my linework, and I use a couple of rapidiographs and tech pens for backgrounds. Those are preliminary pencils for Issue #4 of my upcoming Vertigo monthly series SWEET TOOTH on the board right now.

Hanging right above my drawing table, for easy reference while I work, is a "model" sheet of the main character from SWEET TOOTH, and to my right I have more bound volumes (those are the complete Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis Runs on Hellblazer and both of Tim Truman's Scout series as well as the complete Who's Who) I also have all of my Jack Kirby Omnibus Collections and all of Alan Moores and Eddie Campbells work there as well. Above my desk are all of my trades. I've really been into Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX series lately.

And last, but not least is my ever growing collection of original art which I hang on the walls around me for constant inspiration. Pictured here are some of my most prized pieces, a Brian Bolland Animal Man head sketch, A Carmine Infantino Flash head sketch, a Joe Staton Hal Jordan, and a page from Tim Truman's Jonah Hex series. I also have a Kieth Giffen Dr. Fate page, a Leonard Kirk Captain Britain, a Matt Kindt Wonder Woman, a Darwyn Cooke Batman and a Jeffrey Brown Superman around there somewhere too.