Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, my hockey team The Flying Burritos and I have been playing together for five seasons now, and this weekend we finally overcame our collective demons and emerged as the Exclaim Cup Champions at the Exclaim Hockey Summit of The Arts.

It was a HARD fought tourney with five games played over three days, and we had to beat The Montreal Ninja Tunes, The Bi-Town Billionaires and The Dartmouth Ferries to make it to the Championship game vs. The Gas Station Islanders yesterday. Nerves were high as we took the ice in front of a healthy-sized crowd of friends and family, but in the end we beat them handily 3-1 and claimed the trophy.

I had a strong tournament with 3 goals and 2 assists, and the we had a lot of fun, drank a lot of beer and played a lot of good hockey. Way to go Burritos!