Friday, August 24, 2007


WOLVERINE #56: Jason Aaron + Howard Chaykin

Jason Arron is quickly making a case for himself as the best young writer in mainstream comics. His Viet Nam miniseries from Vertigo, THE OTHER SIDE was brilliant, and SCALPED is really taking off. And now, this one-off issue of Wolverine he did with the great Howard Chaykin. This is a brilliant done-in-one comic, one of those little gems you find now and then, where it's not part of any run, or long running storyline, just a great single issue of a comic (A rarer and rarer commodity in today's "writing for the trade" marketplace).

The set up is simple and dead cool; Someone has trapped Wolverine in a 30 foot pit, and an armed guard sits above with a machine gun firing into it every ten minutes to keep his healing factor from catching up, thus preventing him from escaping. To say anymore would ruin a great story. Chaykin's art is as visceral and brilliant as ever, and Arron's dialogue lives up to his wonderfully crafted, tight script.

This is a really satisfying read, which is something I can rarely say after sitting down and reading a monthly floppy. All in all a great little comic book. Highly recommended.