Wednesday, December 5, 2012


My wonderful collaborator, the talented colourist of Sweet Tooth, Jose Villarrubia, handed in his final beautiful colours for issue 40 of Sweet Tooth this morning. Afterwards he posted the comment below on his Facebook page. I thought I'd share it...

"I just realized, as I turn in the last pages of Sweet Tooth #40, the final installment of this saga, that at about a whooping 800 pages this has been by far my longest effort in comics, and in many big and small ways, the most satisfying. I 
owe it all to my dear friend Jeff Lemire, for trusting me with his baby, and also to the great editors: Bob Schreck, Brandon Montclare, Pornsak Pichetshote, Mark Doyle and Greg Lockard. But I specially want to mention Karen Berger, who broke the rules of the mainstream market so many times, enabling this, and many other types of book to exist, and has left the American market a better place. Without Karen's support you would not have read Sweet Tooth as it stands, and that would have been a shame..."

Jose Villarrubia - December, 2012