Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A batch of original artwork from Sweet Tooth went on sale today online at THE


Had a great time at San Diego Comicon this year, thanks to all the readers who stopped by to visit. Here's a couple of pics snapped by my Sweet Tooth editor Mark Doyle. The first is Sweet Tooth colorist JOSE VILLARUBIA and I signing at the DC Booth the second is myself with American Vampire's Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque on the VERTIGO panel.

If you missed it there were a few announcements regarding my books.

First, my good friend, the amazing MATT KINDT will be illustrating issues 26-28 of Sweet Tooth while I finish drawing my next OGN THE UNDERWATER WELDER. And furthermore we've decided to expand the Sweet Tooth universe by having guest artists do stand alone stories between all my major arcs. Expect to see NATE POWELL and EMI LENOX return as well as others!

And also we announced that AMERICAN VAMPIRE artist RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE will be drawing an issue of Sweet Tooth sometime next year and in that same month I will be drawing an issue of AMERICAN VAMPIRE!

And finally visit COMICS ALLIANCE for some ANIMAL MAN and FRANKENSTEIN news and art!