Monday, October 10, 2016


“What would a world look like when death becomes a thing of the past?”--VULTURE

“The most grounded and emotionally authentic glimpse at immortality ever put to the page.  This is only the first chapter, but it may just be the beginning of a masterpiece.”--Damon Lindelof (LOST)


Like nothing else out there. A+.” - FORCES OF GEEK

“This book is next level stuff.”--Charles Soule (CURSE WORDS)

“A.D.: After Death – Book One pushes beyond the notion of what a comic book should be and gives readers a completely different, magnificently engrossing experience.”--COMICOSITY

“A mind blowing experience.”--CBR

"A hauntingly aching, and thought-provoking work."-Brian Azzarello (MOONSHINE)

“A different kind of sci fi comic.”--IGN

Hauntingly beautiful…. Snyder and Lemire are a dream pairing, two creators in fervent harmony that explore the uncomfortable, undeniable fear of death and the scarier prospect of what happens when it’s gone.”--ALL COMIC


“Do you know the first thing I did after I was done reading A.D. After Death? Flipped to the beginning and started reading again. It’s exciting, intriguing; it’s imagination run wild…. This book is a must-read, an instant favourite and a sure contender for Book of the Year.”--COMIC BASTARDS