Thursday, October 8, 2009


"It's always a pleasure to read a comic where the writer is drawing as well. There's a connection there that isn't often as tight in a team situation. Sweet Tooth #2 is proof of that, as Gus's overt horror and quiet fascination at basically everything Jepperd stands for is palpable on each panel with very little outright mention of it. By the same token, there's a begrudging affection for Gus that's born within Jepperd over the course of the issue, and even though he's mostly surly to the young boy, Lemire's artwork betrays the hard exterior. It also raises the question of why Jepperd may not want to get close to Gus, what his true intentions are, and whether the Preserve really is what he claims (or if it exists at all). These layers and opportunities to pick them apart only make Sweet Tooth a more enjoyable read.

DC's Vertigo imprint has gotten a big push lately, but Sweet Tooth has quickly become my favorite of the new offerings. Its deceptively simple premise is backed up by Jeff Lemire's entrancing vision for the title's world and complex, emotive artwork. If you were enticed by the $1.00 first issue, you'll be happy to know that the full-priced issue #2 is just as much of a bargain for all its fantastic material."