Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'll be attending the STUMPTOWN COMICS FESTIVAL in Portland, OR this weekend.

I'll be signing and sketching at at TABLE A-1 and also participating in a number of panels as well as a workshop. My full schedule below!


12-12:45 • Top Shelf presents Nate Powell and Jeff Lemire ROOM B114This panel focuses on the work of two of Top Shelf's most celebrated creators, Nate Powell and Jeff Lemire. Nate Powell will discuss his past work as well as two new projects, The Silence of Our Friends and The Year of the Beasts. Jeff Lemire's Essex County trilogy was a huge hit, leading to his acclaimed Vertigo series, Sweet Tooth. Since then Jeff has also found great success writing Animal Man for DC. Top Shelf is proud to publish his latest original graphic novel, The Underwater Welder.


4-4:45pm • Making Comics: From Script to Inks ROOM B113Eisner nominated cartoonist Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Essex County) takes you step-by-step through the creation of a page for an upcoming issue of his acclaimed DC/Vertigo series Sweet Tooth. From script to layouts to inks, Lemire will demonstrate how he breaks down a script, lays out a page and pencils and inks the final art. Learn what tools, techniques and tricks he employs to create his comics. This interactive workshop will allow fans and fellow cartoonists to interact with Lemire and ask questions as he works on a page of Sweet Tooth live.

5-5:45pm • Quit Your Day Job ROOM B113Having a career in comics can seem like an impossible goal, but people achieve it all the time. This panel features a wide variety of cartoonists, Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth), Joelle Jones (Troublemaker), Daniel Duford (The Green Man of B Street) and BT Livermore (Baby Otto Zeplin), who gather together to discuss their various careers in the world of comics. Moderator Ryan Alexander-Tanner (Dave's Killer Bread) talks with each of them about the ups and downs of their unique career paths.