Monday, July 15, 2019

BERSERKER UNBOUND! San Diego Comicon and My Workspace.

 Thursday, 7/18
11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.: SIGNING – DC/WB Booth 4545
1:00p.m. - 2:00pm.  PANEL: Image Comics: Bone-Chilling Insight into the Bestselling Horror Comic Book Series, Room: 23ABC
3-4 pm: SIGNING- Simon and Shuster booth

Friday 7/19
11:00a.m. - 12:00: PANEL: Dark Horse. The Writer’s Room: From Outlining to the Finished Page, Room: 23ABC
3:00pm - 3:50pm: Signing: Dark Horse Comics Booth #2615

Saturday, 7/20
10:00a.m. – 11:00a.m.: DC Black Label PANEL – Rm 6DE
11:00a.m. - 12:00p.m: Panel Dark Horse: Creating Worlds: Building a Comics Universe for the Ages, Room: 23ABC  
3:00pm - 3:50pm: SIGNING: Location: Dark Horse Comics Booth #2615
4pm: Signing: Image booth at 4pm Saturday, July 20

Sunday, 7/21
10:00a.m. – 11:00a.m.: SIGNING – DC/WB Booth 4545


So, today is the final day that you can pre-order a copy of my new book with Mike Deodato, BERSERKER UNBOUND, from your local comic book store. I know that you are probably sick of comic professionals begging you to pre-order their books, but the truth is, it really helps to support these creator-owned books,  especially in a marketplace that is so crowded.

So, if you can please let your local shop know you want a copy! The DIAMOND ORDER CODES ARE:
Regular Cover: JUN190273
Mignola Variant: JUN190274

And here is a bunch of stunning art by Mike Deodato and Frank Martin. I was lucky to first work with these gentlemen on Thanos at Marvel, and love that we have branched off to create our own work here. Mike is an incredibly generous and dedicated collaborator. And a cover by MIKE MIGNOLA!! How cool is that?!


Some of you may have heard that I am also doing a new sci-fi book with the amazing Gabriel Walta (Vision). Gabriel sent this pic of some of the watercolored pages in progress, which I thought you would enjoy...

Gabriel and I are already working on our next collaboration as well!

Sentient is being published by new comic book company TKO. They have some great stuff coming out and a really unique distribution model. You can order Sentient and check out their other books here...


Thought I would share some photos of my workspace. I've been in this studio for about seven years. It's in an old warehouse building in Toronto's east end, that used to be a shoe factory long ago. I've drawn Roughneck, Royal City, AD: After Death, Trillium, Secret Path, Underwater Welder and about 1/2 of Sweet Tooth here. I have also created  Descender, Black Hammer, Gideon Falls, Plutona and pretty much everything else I've ever written for DC or Marvel here. Though, truth be told, I do a lot of my writing at home. This space is used about 70% of the time for whatever I am drawing at the moment, and, as you can see, to house all my books and artwork.

Here is my drawing desk. I have been drawing at a standing desk since working on Roughneck in 2014. I like the movement it gives me, and I get less tired after a long day of drawing. I do all my artwork traditionally and only use a Cintiq to scan and format my pages when they are done, and to do minor digital tweaks and corrections.

 When I do scan my pages, this is where I tweak and format them. Another standing desk. I draw standing up and write sitting down. Don't know what that says about me?

Some of the original comic art that fills my walls and fills me with constant inspiration. There are too many pieces to credit all the artists here, but I pretty much have at least one piece by all of my favourite artists at this point. Of note here is the original cover art for both Animal Man #1 by Travel Foreman and Descender #1 by Dusting Nguyen. Also a great Michael Cho Adam Strange commission.

More art! And more Michael Cho. Also Joe Kubert, Jae Lee, Paolo Rivera, John J. Muth, Mignola (I really should frame that), and my most coveted piece, a Perez/Ordway Crisis page! A bunch of my sketchbooks lined up there too.

Okay, back to work...The all important white board schedule. I keep track of all the projects that I am writing here. Splitting the months into weeks, I try to work on one project per week to stay on schedule and keep fresh ( I had to blur some stuff that I cannot talk about yet).

Taking one thing at a time, one week at a time, helps to keep me from feeling overwhelmed. As the Giant says to Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks season 2..."A path is made by laying one stone at a time."

Some of my totems of power! Dolls of my characters made by my talented wife, Lesley-Anne Green.

 This was made custom for me by my father. The bottom drawers pull out and hold all my floppies. The top three drawers hold my original artwork. My growing collection of David Lynch and Twin Peaks art is featured here as well. That portrait of Lynch as Eraserhead was done for me by my current Question collaborator, Bill Seinkewicz.

Okay..that's it from me for a month or so. I'm off to SDCC and then vacation with my family. Be good, read more comics and also order BERSERKER UNBOUND!